Himalaya Day Greetings from SADED India on 9 Sept 2015




It has been observed since long time that the developmental activities on Himalaya are destroying the flora and fauna of Himalaya at large. Many environmentalists and civil society activists observed the destructive activities on Himalaya and decided to draw the attention of people and government to show the concerns of development in Himalaya range.

Himalaya’s significance is not only for the India and its people but it is base for the whole of South Asia. The Environmentalists and Civil Society actors felt that there was need to formulate comprehensive policy for all issues related to environment, social and scientific in the context of Himalaya.

Himalaya Day for the first time was observed on 9th September, 2010 on initiation of SADED by many groups of environmentalists and civil society and it was decided to conduct discussions and debates on Himalaya throughout the country (India).

SADED organised First Himalaya Day on 9th September, 2010 at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi in collaboration with 32 other leading organizations of India to show its concern to protect the world’s longest and tallest range and its ecosystems. This celebration was attended by many prominent social and environmental activists including Mr. Sundarlal Bahuguna, Ms. Radha Bhatt, Prof. Girjesh Pant (VC, Doon University), Prof. Anil Joshi, Mr. Pradeep Tamta (the then M.P.  From SADED Vijay Pratap, Bhuwan Pathak, Rajni Kant Mudgal and Gopal Ram etc.

Ex-Minister/Ambassador and the then Member of Parliament Dr. Karan Singh released Uttarakhand Manifesto draft for wider circulation and open discussion on this occasion. SADED is being celebrating 9th September as Himalaya Day every year since then.

The initiative started by SADED to observe 9th September as Himalaya Day got massive support from the people, resultantly the Uttarakhand Government has forced to officially announce 9th September as Himalaya Diwas (Himalaya Day) on 9.9.2014 to spread the message of conservation of the Himalayan ecosystems and declared that from 2015, the day would be celebrated by the State Government.

The SADED has observed Himalaya Day every year since 2010 and this year also SADED has organised a meeting on 8th September, 2015 to celebrate Himalaya Day at New Delhi.

Prabodh; Consultant-Coordinator (SADED)


प्रत्येक Himalaya day (9 सितम्बर ) पर SADED  मीटिंग आयोजित करता आया है SADED, 9 September 2009 से Himalaya day मना रहा है

OTHER LINKS Related to Himalaya Day:

सप्टेंम्बर 2014 से उत्तराखंड सरकार भी 9  सितम्बर को हिमालय दिवस मना रही है
The Hindu Report:
Uttarakhand govt declares Sept 9 as Himalaya Diwas

Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Tuesday officially declared September 9 as ‘Himalaya Diwas’ – a day which would be celebrated across the State to spread the message of conservation of the Himalayan ecosystems.

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress leaders participated in the celebrations here on Tuesday.

Accepting a proposal by senior BJP leader and Leader of the Opposition Ajay Bhatt, Chief Minister Harish Rawat officially declared that from 2015, the day would be celebrated by the State government as well.

Environmentalist Anil Prakash Joshi said: “This was the fifth year of the ‘Himalaya Diwas’ celebrations. We felt that the political parties also needed to understand the need to address livelihood issues in the Himalayan region and work towards conservation of the region.” It was for that reason, Dr Joshi said, leaders of political parties were invited to the celebrations on Tuesday.

Rallies were organised to mark the occasion in various places across the State.

Speaking at a seminar at the Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India, Ravi Chopra, Director of the Dehradun-based People’s Science Institute, said there was need to address environmental and social problems in the Himalayas region.


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